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Betty Larrea.jpg

Betty Larrea

Author, "Lucinda's Magical Yoga Adventure"

Owner, Be Yoga Be Love

The Kids Yoga Podcast is more than a podcast... it’s a welcoming, inclusive community for parents, teachers, educators and leaders in the kids’ yoga field to come together and share their voices.  When I first discovered The Kids’ Yoga Podcast, I was thrilled to find a place to share resources and ideas about kids’ yoga.  Jessica has created a supportive community with the intent to grow awareness and spread the teaching of children’s yoga around the world.   I am so grateful for the opportunity to be interviewed on the Kids Yoga Podcast and to share my voice and my background as a kid’s yoga and mindfulness educator for over 20 years. In sharing my own journey as a self-published children’s yoga picture book author, I connected with another kids’ yoga teacher Margot Harris, who I mentored in writing and publishing her children’s book.  Thank you Jessica for opening new doors for me in fulfilling on my vision and for having the authentic conversations we need to have so that kids’ yoga can become accessible to even more children globally!


Lauren Chaitoff

Owner & Founder, Yogi Beans

My interview with Jessica on the Kids Yoga Podcast was a wonderful experience.  Jessica’s interview style was organic, yet well organized.  She is a great host who truly listens to her guests, asks thought provoking questions, and allows conversation to flow freely.  I’m so grateful to Jessica for creating a community where kids yoga teachers can learn and be inspired by one another.  I've made some beautiful connections from the show and enjoyed the content on other episodes. 


Mimi Felton

Owner, Mimi's Yoga Kids

The Kids Yoga Podcast was a great experience. It was such a pleasure to be a guest. It was a wonderful platform for Mimi's Yoga Kids to share our story and really speak on the things that truly matter. I truly love being a wellness advocate for kids and their families.So thankful I got to share my story. Jessica was such a delight. She made me feel very comfortable and asked great questions. After being on the podcast I was able to connect with other amazing wellness advocates for kids.The connections have truly created a community of like minded people just wanting to pour into the life of our kids! They are our future! So thankful for the amazing platform KYP has created. I am happy to help anyway that I can. I support KYP 100%!!!!

Margot Harris

Margot Harris

Owner Calm Cookie Kids Yoga

Author of "Cookie Doughga"

I had the pleasure of speaking with Jessica twice on The Kids Yoga Podcast last year. Jessica is so easy to talk to. She's open, kind, professional, and had a way of making me feel safe and comfortable in a medium that was totally new to me. As a yoga teacher for children, it's been wonderful to tune in every week and feel a sense of community, and validation in this work. It's also a place where I've been inspired, acquired new resources, and started and maintained meaningful relationships with fellow KYP guests and listeners. I've been a yoga and mindfulness educator for over 5 years as an independent contractor and small business owner. Much of my work is going from school to school or site to site teaching (even virtually) and then heading out to the next gig. At times it felt isolating, and I longed for real colleagues or co-workers to connect with, bounce ideas off of, etc. The Kids Yoga Podcast has helped me to feel as if I'm not alone in this field, and that I'm really a part of something special. I have Jessica to thank for helping me to write and make my debut children's yoga book, Cookie Doughga! Because of the podcast, I found a book mentor, and she was instrumental in supporting my dream of becoming an author come true. I'm grateful for this space filled with love, joy, and all things kids yoga!

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