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We believe there can never be enough kids yoga.

Our mission is to have EVERY child EVERYWHERE have the opportunity to be exposed to this powerful practice. This is a place for us to come together to support one another because we all have the same goal- to spread yoga to more children.




  • To create a community for ALL of the people working hard in the world to spread kids yoga. We teach kids yoga in so many styles and in so many places; all of these paths are important and valuable. 

  • To make kids yoga accessible to anyone who is interested; to break down concepts to their simplest form and offer practical ways to teach yoga to children. We want to offer simple and easily digestible tidbits of kids yoga knowledge that can be applied right after listening.

  • To offer parents and teachers a resource to learn about kids yoga and share it with their children and students. .

  • To bring us all together- kids yoga teachers, parents, teachers and anyone interested in this path. This is a supportive and warm space.

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